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Episode Eleven: 52.9 MB
In this show we have the last of the tech topics for the compositions, this time on percussion. Some thoughts on mixing and on the subject of SA CD and DVD-A again. Composer showcases this week are with the user 'Dummy' who has be nice enough to send in some pieces. And I have dug out my very first VSL compositions for you to hear. And playing out this week with my tune 'Trip through the lands'. The tech topic logic file, for the composition, is available on the VSL & Tech page on my site.

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Demo Logic file (zip) - All Instruments

Episode Twelve: 30.7 MB
On this show we finish our composition melody from the previous weeks, look at a quick mixdown of the different sections. Listeners who use Logic are free to use the demo Logic files, of which the full orchestra version contains the full mix. And Showcasing the talents of Michael Hula and David Chochoi with their respective works. And playing out with Nick Simpsons 'City Resonance'. (A warning for joggers, this show contains Samual Barbers 'Adagio for Strings', and can kill your workout :P).

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Episode Thirteen: 27.5 MB
Apple releases it's new desktop for Pro users the 'Mac Pro', and astound many people with a whole new generation of functionality and capabilities. How long before we're running MIR on one of these .. in realtime. Some thoughts on CD baby and self publishing your music. And some music from Jay Bacal and Todd Jones. I'm still looking for composers to showcase your music, so if you're interested in having your music played on the podcast and having a little 'plug' given for your website or CD sales then send me some music and details.

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Episode Fourteen: 50.3 MB
In this weeks show I discuss some ideas for layering and thickening up melody lines within the string sections and give some practical examples using the VSL - First edition sounds. Then we have something new .. an advert .. For Tim Verportens "Mac Review Cast" Podcast. Todd Jones music is showcased as he has come back in full force with 4 brand new pieces for us to hear. And well as a rendition of J.S. Bachs work by Beat Kaufmann with the VSL Pro Edition. Thanks to all the listeners who are giving me feedback and messages of thanks. I'm glad your all enjoying the shows.

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Episode Fifteen: 45.4 MB
Hey folks. Time for the VSL podcast again. This week I show the difference between an old midi piece and a new VSL version. Composers showcased are Jeff Simmons and Tanuj Tiku. With some great interlude music by Beat Kaufmann. Lots of music in this show.

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