Hetoreyn is available for the following services:

Looking for Orchestral Templates for Logic 8?

Orchestral Composition

Hetoreyn composes orchestral music and scores for film, Internet, TV, games and advertisement. This also includes programming of single instrument or orchestral tracks for other than orchestral music.


Composers today are under incredible time constraints. One way to ease this problem is to compose just a simplified chart and then to have an orchestrator to fill in the more complex parts, or to assign a more complicated instrument structure. Hetoreyn is very well versed in orchestration for sample-based libraries and can help to make any orchestral piece the best it can be.

Digital studio set up and maintenance

Virtual room mixing, and Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) set up is another hurdle the modern composer must face. Creating an adequate mock-up can be tough without a decent sounding template to work from. Hetoreyn can help you to set up your DAW to get it working optimally with fast workflow, and show you just what you need to do to get the most out of your virtual libraries.

Maintaining a computer system may sound easy or perhaps ominous, but it is very necessary these days to maintain efficiency in a studio and also to keep tabs on where all your files are. Hetoreyn can offer advice on file structuring and ways to keep the computer system (Mac or PC) in your studio in top shape.

Sound engineering

Mixing and mastering can take years to learn how to do properly. Hetoreyn can offer expert sound engineering to make your orchestral or other work as optimal as possible.

Custom templates
Hetoreyn can provide templates for Logic, Presets for Altiverb, and Space Designer.

All of the services described above are available from Hetoreyn's studio or at any location worldwide. Hetoreyn can help with more effectively using sample libraries to create orchestral music. He knows how to achieve a great performance or how to orchestrate.

Hetoreyn can give advice through e-mail or phone. Also, if necessary, you can arrange for Hetoreyn to come to your studio to personally configure your DAW to your tastes, or to perform all of the above services.