VSL Vidcast

Special thanks to Christian Marin and the VSL team for hosting the Vidcast

This is a 'Fan's eye view' of the VSL's Silent Stage and facilities in Vienna. I show you around the great recording room, and the editing suites. As well as showing a little of Vienna and the VSL Head Quarters. I had thought early on to narrate over the video but instead I felt it far more appropriate to put VSL music to the film. So I chose some music from the many pieces I have been sent by composers over the passed year and used these. So I hope you enjoy this look at the VSL. I had an excellent time seeing Vienna again, and the VSL staff were great to meet at last.
Links and notes to all things seen, heard, and discussed

The Video edition of Hetoreyn's Podcast show. In this show I show my own studio setup and how I have Logic Pro setup with Altiverb. Also with some nice new music from Guy Bacos. This show is a test to see how a video version of the show works. If anyone has any opinions on what they'd like to see in the future please let me know at hetoreyn@hetoreyn.com