VSL Podcast Show 013
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wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music and Intro

VSL podcast Tuesday August 15th, 2006. A community show for users for the Vienna Symphonic Library.
* Welcome all to the VSL podcast

wedge News Topic - Mac Pros

* A disccusion on the new systems from apple computer
* New systems are Intel Xeon Based, upto 3 ghz speed.

* Running VSL and MIR on one system, maybe it's possible soon

wedge Play break music. Beat Kaufmanns "Sinfonia" by Bach

* Visit Beats site for great tutorials on using the VSL
wedge News Topic - Publishing

* A disccusion on the new ways to publish your CD.
* Recently I published Elven Moods II through CD Baby

* Get your tunes on the iTunes store and able your customers to buy it at there favourite music store.

wedge Composition Showcase

wedge Composer Review Number Twenty six- Jay Bacal
* Play piece - "St Pauls Suite" - Gustav Holst

* Play piece - "Prayer" - Ernest Bloch

wedge Composition Showcase

wedge Composer Review Number Twenty seven - Todd Jones
* Play piece - "The advent of Harry Stemple" - By Todd Jones

wedge Feedback

* Request listener comments on
Please send any comments on the show to my e-mail address. If anyone has any questions that they'd like to ask of course we have the VSL forum, but if there is a big topic that people would like me to put out on the show, send it to my e-mail and I will get it up on the show, for later comments and suggestions.
* Request for listener compositions to showcase

If you like the idea of getting your stuff heard for comments and appraisal please send it in to me along with some details on who you are, what your VSL forum name is and a little bit about the piece that you are submitting. I claim no copyright towards other peoples pieces, as I say this is a community show and is all about showcasing the music.
wedge Closing

* Play outro music - Hetoreyns' "007 theme" - by John Barry

* Visit the VSL Site
* Also visit the website