Short Films
Short films Hetoreyn scored.

Explanation of the Films:
The 50
the 50
- May 2008. 10 minutes of music were written for it within one week, and is a fine example of Hetoreyn's dramatic touch. The premise behind the film is that a young man, who is an assassin by trade, is in search of his girlfriend who has disappeared. He has also lost his recent memories and so tries to piece together parts of his life. All he can remember is that 50 people were involved with his girlfriend's disappearance and that he must find them all.


Awakening Pic
- March 2008. A short film by Steve Windle. This film is a surreal look into the lives of a young couple who fall afoul of luck and we follow the character of Alex as he decends deeper and deeper into chaos and depression. Can he climb back to a better life or is he doomed in his own mind to simply fade away. An introspective look into inner workings of a person's psyche with provoking imagery and a a score by Hetoreyn.

Alone in the company of despair

- March 2007. Hetoreyn's score was used on this short film written by upcoming film maker and director Steve Windle.