Helena Chronicles
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The Helena Chronicles: Episode 2.01
The start of the second season for the USS Helena. Scored by Hetoreyn with a heart pounding musical backing.

Watch the full movie below.

Star Trek : The Helena Chronicles 2.01 "The Minstrel Boy" from Hidden Frontier on Vimeo.

The music Score:
Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles
The Minstrel Boy
- January 2009, This 'Trek' fan film webisode can be found at www.hiddenfrontier.com. Hetoreyn has scored the first episode of season 2. The Helena Chronicles is a story that runs parallel to the two other Hidden Frontier stories, "Odyssey" and "Federation One". The Helena is a starship commanded by Captain Teresa Faisal. And with her team they attempt a daring rescue of the starship Odyssey stranded in the Andromeda galaxy.

But not everything goes as they hope and now (in season 2), the Helena and her crew are a hunted ship. Marked as a renegade crew they attempt to still find another way to reach Odyssey in the hopes of bringing their fellow crew members back home.

An exciting, action packed series that remains very true to the 'Star Trek' legend. With first rate acting, story telling, and impressive special effects and computer generated sets and back drops. Made purely for fun and with love, these episodes really show you how much passion film makers can have.