Sound of Life
Sound of Life project by Hetoreyn

A so-called DNA barcode represents a gene or a section of a gene in the genome that is unique for each biological species. There is an increasing and world-wide effort to determine DNA barcodes for every biological species on Earth. This will revolutionize the systematics of species, diversity and conservation research and many other fields of biological and geographical research.

Hetoreyn has created a unique method to convert any DNA-based gene (e.g. a DNA barcode), which is translated into a protein and thus truly contributes to life on Earth, into a symphonic piece of music.

Hear the music piece here:

One example of Hetoreyn's method can be heard here, it is based on the cytochrome c oxidase (cox1) gene of Homo sapiens (human). More specific, the gene (cox1) used here to date has been the most often used gene sequence to determine a DNA barcode for any (eukaryotic) animal species present on today's Earth. Hetoreyn has used the barcode region at the 5 prime end of the gene to create the first DNA barcode-based symphonic music piece. With this method (music played DNA base by base) it is possible to create a sound library of every barcoded (and hence unique) organism (including plants with the genes matK and rbcL) on Earth that uses DNA-based genes to proliferate. Also, a unique symphonic piece now can be used to recognize or make audible any desired species.

This latest creation of amazing and inspiring music by Hetoreyn will make it possible to listen to the sound of life. Currently, he is creating a sound library with unique sounds (symphonic music pieces) for many biological species, based on DNA barcodes that are available in public data bases, provided for example by GenBank or the International Barcode of Life Consortium. Hetoreyn also offers service to convert any desired gene sequence to a symphonic music piece.