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Episode Twenty One: 41.8 MB
Todays show is the first of my Interviews from the VSL team in Vienna. First up is Christian Kardeis talking about his role at VSL and showcasing some of the music that he has done. Also I report some of the new announcements from the VSL site. The VI 1.1 Player update, Special offer on the new Soprano Choir Library, and VSL releases VI Saxaphones and Elements Libraries.

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Episode Twenty Two: 47.2 MB

This week we have the interviews that I conducted at Silent Stage in Vienna with Dietz Tinhof and Michi Hula. We discuss how the VSL came to be, and talk about some of the problems involved in making it work. Then we go on to discuss the working atmosphere and the technicalities of MIR. The interview was extremely fun to do and I was very fortunate to have this recorded in the Silent Stage itself. The room sound as you'll hear in the recording is amazing. Coming next week is the thrid part of the Silent Stage interviews where we talk more in a more technical nature towards how people can achieve better mixes with VSL.

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Episode Twenty Three: 33.4 MB

Hey Everyone, time for the VSL Podcast. This week is Part III of the VSL Interviews at Silent Stage. We discuss more technical things about using the VSL and ways in which one can mix more effectively. Also discussed is some of the problems with Logics panning and why we should always use the Dir Mix plug instead. Some great Bach Cantata mixes by Beat Kaufmann. Next week, Martin Tichy and what he does as the Marketing Director of VSL.

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Episode Twenty Four: 63.4 MB

This week on the VSL Podcast I Interview Martin Tichy, Marketing director of the VSL, in a rather noisy cafe in the Vienna Opera House (Wien Opern Haus). He tell us about his role with the Vienna Symphonic Library and what he feels about the company. Gratz to VSL for winning this years TEC award as Martin states in the interview .. In my opinion they deserve it for a damned fine product.

Some compositions by one of the VSL Cello players Christof Unterberger whom I hope to be interviewing very soon for an insiders view on what recording was like for the musicians.

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Episode Twenty Five: 44.6 MB

Hey everyone. A new week, an new show. Suffering a touch of a cold this week so I try not to talk too much. The reverb tech topic that I've been promising for a while is now on my site on the "VSL & Tech" section, under "Mixing Tech". This details some of the new experiments with depth that I've been doing (using what I have recently learned from Dietz and Beat Kaufmann), and I've got screenshots and downloadable presets .. not to mention a Logic Pro session for those with Logic so you can see the setup yourself.

By all means have a play with it and feel free to adjust everything you see. I think this session is a good idea for learning how to route audio through Aux sends if you haven't done that yet, and you can see how the reverbs are applied but it's certainly not perfect by any means .. still needs some tweaks to get it to work with good harmony ..(work flow wise).

Anyways, some nice compositions from Jay Bacal, Matt Gates, and Nick Simpson. And a new tune from me too. Hope you enjoy.

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