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Episode Sixteen: 42.3 MB
Time Signatures, and how to use them. I discuss some ideas for sprucing up your rhythms using different time signatures with some demonstrations of pieces using differing time signatures. Showcased are the composers Guy Bacos, Jay Bacal, and Dummy. With some lovely compositions using the Vienna Instruments libraries. Interviews with the VSL team are coming soon as I have been invited to go to Vienna to see 'Silent Stage'. More on that soon.

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Episode Seventeen: 37.5 MB

Hey everyone. This show is a little late in coming but it may have been worth it as I've got some useful things to say about installing the Vienna Instruments on a Mac, and also I have my first demo piece of the Chamber Strings VI library. Some nice music in the composer showcase by Jay Bacal and Beat Kaufmann. Getting ready for my trip to Vienna to go and see the boys at VSL so any questions people may want me to ask .. better start handing them to me (hetoreyn@yahoo.co.uk). Hope you enjoy.

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Episode Eighteen: 33.4 MB

This weeks show is just a short one but we have some great music to showcase from Mark Winter with two new compositions from him. My trip to VSL is happening very soon so if anyone has any questions they'd like me to ask the VSL team let me know quickly. hetoreyn@yahoo.co.uk

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Episode Nineteen: 43.1 MB

VSL / VI Controller devices .. is the new M-Audio Axiom 25 a good option?. Some comments on iTunes and how easy it was to get my album 'Elven Moods II' on to it to sell commercially. New Reverb Topics coming soon, and Cubase 4 from Steinberg. The full version of the VSL Podcast title tunes "Forest home" and some great music by Todd Jones. Playout music by Steve Thompson "Lizard Lounge".

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Episode Twenty: 36.8 MB

After a few days of problems we're back and so here's show 20 of the VSL Podcast. VSL updates the EXS performance tool. Apple releases Mac OS update 10.4.8. And four Composer showcases today. Nick Simpson, Jay Bacal, Matt Gates, and Mark Winter. No reverb topic this week due to problems with the site but I shall but doing this soon. Trip to Vienna happening in a few days so you can expect interviews as of next weeks show. Steve Thompson plays us out again with "Lounge Lizard".

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