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Episode Six: 29.1 MB
This week we show you the work of Ben Jasmine for his music on the fan show 'Starship Exeter'. Composer showcases are Guy Bacos and Herb Tucmandl. And yes that Star Trek Theme you here at the beginning took a lot of work to get right :P

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Episode Seven: 21.2 MB
Just a short show this week owing to me being very busy with producing a new demo CD and so my show prep time has been much shorter. However we get to hear compostions from Chang-Ryool Lee, Guy Bacos and the Overall boys. And also some of the demo songs that I've put on my new demo CD. I discuss the topic of SA CD's as the new up and coming audio format. (By the way .. it looks like the file got corrupted when I first uploaded the podcast, so apologese to those that tried to download but couldn't get it.
Happy 4th of July to all those Americans out there.

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Episode Eight: 43.8 MB
This week we have a tech topic on composition of the string section. Also you can download the logic file and midi file which is available from the 'VSL & Tech' section. This is for novice composers who are just starting to use the VSL to help them get aquianted with how to make the jump from 'keyboard style' to 'orchestral style'. In the composer showcases we have Bruce Mitchell presenting his 1st Symphony, composed with th Vienna Instruments. And also Robert Pottorf shows some cues for an upcoming film that he is slated to score. Closing music by Steve Thompson - Lizard Lounge.

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Demo Logic file (zip) - Strings

Episode Nine: 50.9 MB
We continue the tech topic section of show 008 but this time discussing woodwinds and how to apply them. You can download the logic and midi file for reference from www.elvenmusic.com/vsl/vsl.html Also I discuss a dissect of the 'Galaxy Quest' theme. In the composer showcase we have pieces from Guy Bacos and Jay Bacal. The end theme is a piece of my own work (still in progress).

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Demo Logic file (zip) - Strings and Woodwinds

Episode Ten: 35.8 MB
This week we continue the tech topic on composition. This time with the brass section showing the layering of the instruments and then showing them with the Strings and Woodwinds sections. Chris Caouette tells about the 'thinness' of the VSL strings and ways to combat this problem. Composer showcases for this week are with Hetoreyn (myself), and with OB One. The logic song file for the composition tech topic is available from www.elvenmusic.com/vsl/vsl.html

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Demo Logic file (zip) - Strings and Woods and Brass