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Episode One: 50.5 MB
The VSL Podcast is now available. Please click on the Download Podcast tab to receive the mp3, or follow the link to the iTunes subscribe to get the podcast in iTunes. If anyone has anything they would like to have featured, songs, topics hardware that is part of or related to the Vienna Symphonic Library, let me know at hetoreyn@yahoo.co.uk

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Episode Two: 47.8 MB
The second show is now available. In this episode we hear from Todd Jones (www.toddjonesmusic.com) who talk to us about some music that he has written and how he went about producing them. I talk about some reverb presets that can be downloaded from elvenmusic.com and used in Audio Units and Space Designer reverbs. And two composer showcases Nick Simpson and Steve Thompson. As always feel free to e-mail me comments or take your discussions the the VSL website (www.vsl.co.at)

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Episode Three: 32.4 MB
Hey again, and welcome to show number 3. In this show I discuss some panning ideas and demonstrate with some of my music. Composers OB1 and Chris Caoutte donate some great music for the showcase segment. This is a shorter show than normal but this is mainly due to schedule being quite full. But don't worry there's plenty of great music that's being played in this show. For details of anything discussed on the show please take a look at the shownotes.

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Episode Four: 46 MB
The show for users of the Vienna Symphonic Library, and other sample libraries. This week Todd Jones tells us about the use of Crescendos and fp transitions, demonstrating them and showing us some pieces of his using these techniques. In the composer showcase is Matthew Gates, and Dave Carter who have donated some great music for the show. VSL releases its updates for the VI software version 1.06. The closing music for this week is a piece of my own from the new Deep Angel score - Journey to Ra. Any comments please send along to hetoreyn@yahoo.co.uk

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Episode Five: 36.1 MB
This week I talk about uses of the Dir-Mix plugin for Pan control. Reverb plugins for depth control, and a little on record companies and how you can get your music published. Composer showcases featuring Guy Bacos and Herb Tucmandl, and some playout music from Nick Simpson. Links to all things discussed are available in the shownotes.

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