Celestial Compositions

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Celestial Compositions.
- This album contains seventy five minutes of heart pounding music composed for various internet film projects, as well as several short films.

With such beautiful, heart pounding, action driven, and mysteriously eerie atmospheres it's entirely possible to forget you're listening to music at all, as the listener is compelled on a journey to the far reaches of the imagination. Be there when Captain Carter battles his ferocious enemy .. be there when the USS Helena is attacked in a dangerous debris field and must fight for its survival. Witness the pride of a Starship crew of knowing all is well and done, or experience the thrill of destruction in a glorious flash of musical genious.

No matter where you want to journey to, Hetoreyn and his music will take you there.

Running time: 74:45 min.

Demo MP3's
02. The Farragut
21. Toe to Toe
26. Lost ship

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Hetoreyn: Celestial Compositions

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