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VSL podcast Wednesday September 28th, 2007. A community show for users for the Vienna Symphonic Library.
* Welcome all to the VSL podcast

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* Apple releases Logic Studio, with Logic Pro 8
* VSL announce their new Host application "Vienna Ensemble"
* Hetoreyn is composing music for the new Episode 2 of Starship Farragut - Details to follow on the next show
wedge Interview - Greg Smith

Biography January 2007

The career of Gregory Smith (b. 1957) covers the entire range of the musical world from serious chamber music to Broadway to movie scores. His television music can be heard on all of the major networks as well as stations around the world.

The family/educational concert works of Gregory Smith have received over 700 performances by over 160 orchestras, often with Smith narrating. Orchestras such as the Atlanta, Baltimore, Bonn, Boston, Cincinnati, Minnesota, and Toronto symphony orchestras and the Rochester and Hong Kong philharmonic orchestras have embraced Mr. Smith’s unique approach to family/educational concerts. More recently these works have found an international audience with numerous performances in the United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Germany, and New Zealand. His latest work, The Melodic Life, was written for and premiered by Marin Alsop at the Cabrillo Music Festival in August 2006.

Smith enjoys a long association with the Walt Disney Company and has served as Composer and Music Supervisor for numerous productions at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, Euro Disney and Hong Kong Disneyland. He composed and conducted the music for the highly acclaimed nighttime spectacular, Wishes, at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Smith also composed and arranged the music for Disneyland’s Thea award winning, 50th anniversary celebration currently showing nightly in Anaheim. In addition, his music accompanies the nightly fireworks displays at Euro Disney and the newly opened Hong Kong Disneyland. Smith’s original songs have been performed and recorded by many artists including Peabo Bryson, Kimberley Locke, Jennifer Holliday and Jody Benson.

Smith's television and film credits range from composing themes for MSNBC, The Discovery Channel, ESPN, TNT, Headline News, scoring for the various Star Trek TV dramas, additional music for The Mighty Ducks (II and III), orchestrations for Con Air and Now and Then, to arranging songs for the Disney animated features Pooh's Grand Adventure and Pochontas II, to composing animation music for Warner Bros. cartoons. Smith’s ESPN/ABC college football theme is entering its 15th season of usage.

Smith recently composed the logo theme for the newly merged CBS Paramount Television. Also for CBS Paramount, he conducted and produced the re-recording of the original Star Trek theme to celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary.

In 2002 Smith was honored to compose the music for the Salt Lake Winter Paralympics, which was performed by the Utah Symphony and chorus. Donny Osmond sang the centerpiece song, “Inspire The Spirit”, during the opening ceremonies that aired internationally on ABC.

As a conductor, Smith has recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Ballet Orchestra and Seattle Symphony Orchestra as well as numerous recording studio orchestras in New York, Los Angeles, London and Prague.

* Greg Smith talks to us about his career and the time he has spent working on various Star Trek TV shows with Jay Chattaway and Dennis McCarthy. Recently he conducted and oversaw the re-recording of the Star Trek Original series theme tunes for the newly Remastered shows.

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* Elven Moods II is available from various vendors in many different formats. Buying this album of Hetoreyns VSL work helps to support the podcast. So have a listen to the demos on Hetoreyns site (elvenmusic.com) and if you like it please feel free to purchase and let Hetoreyn know what you thought.
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* Request listener comments on
Please send any comments on the show to my e-mail address. If anyone has any questions that they'd like to ask of course we have the VSL forum, but if there is a big topic that people would like me to put out on the show, send it to my e-mail and I will get it up on the show, for later comments and suggestions.
* Request for listener compositions to showcase

If you like the idea of getting your stuff heard for comments and appraisal please send it in to me along with some details on who you are, what your VSL forum name is and a little bit about the piece that you are submitting. I claim no copyright towards other peoples pieces, as I say this is a community show and is all about showcasing the music.
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* Play outro music - "Special Edition Test piece" by Christian Kardeis

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