VSL Vidcast 002
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wedge Opening

wedge Opening Music and Intro

VSL Vidcast 002. A community show for users for the Vienna Symphonic Library.
* Welcome all to the VSL podcast

wedge Visit to Vienna

* So, I got the chanceto see the Silent Stage again and this time to bring my camera and take some footage to show you all. Which I did, and I hope you like this 'Fans eye view' of the Silent Stage rooms, Editing suites, and also a little look around the editing suites of the VSL Head Quarters.

wedge Silent Stage

* Play piece "Breezy Jazz
* Play piece "VSL Jazz Lite"
* Silent Stage is located outside of the main part of Vienna itself in a quiet estate where several businesses have their offices and factories. Across the road from the Silent stage is Vienna Acoustics, which make speaker systems.

* Play piece "Lizard Lounge" By Steve Thompson
* Quote from vsl.co.at "The walls of the recording hall consist of three layers: an outer shell, an inner shell – both constructed of massive brickwork and each with a foundation of its own - and a third interior shell of gyprock plates. The interior to exterior isolation achieved with this design is more than 90 dB. Environmental noises like wind, birdsongs or women´s shoes which normally appear even in the best studios, not to mention concert halls, at amplification levels of more than 60 dB (e.g. with pianissimo samples) are completely non-existent. In one of our more ambitious tests, even a helicopter hovering overhead remained soundless."

* Play piece "Mourning" by Christof Unterberger
wedge Vienna

* Play Piece "Danza Danza - By Durante" by Beat Kaufmann
* A place with much Culture. I had the chance to walk around the city centre with Christian Marin and took some footage of some nice things just to give you a glimpse of what Vienna is like. With a great performance by a guy Busking with a cello. (A dropped him a euro :D)

wedge VSL Head Quarters

* Play piece "Theme" by Matt Gates
* This is the place where all the extra editing happens. The work suites (3 Sound proofed and 4 other works spaces) have been in constant use for the passed 7 years.

wedge Final words

* Thanks for watching this little vid that I made. By no means is this a professional look, more of just one persons view and portray of one of the most excellent rooms I've ever been in .. in one of the most lovely countries in all of Europe. Vienna excudes musical class, as does the VSL and I was glad to see it all again. And I hope you can now better see and understand what the Silent Stage is, and how it looks.

wedge Support the Podcast

* Elven Moods II is available from various vendors in many different formats. Buying this album of Hetoreyns VSL work helps to support the podcast. So have a listen to the demos on Hetoreyns site (elvenmusic.com) and if you like it please feel free to purchase and let Hetoreyn know what you thought.
wedge Feedback

* Request listener comments on
Please send any comments on the show to my e-mail address. If anyone has any questions that they'd like to ask of course we have the VSL forum, but if there is a big topic that people would like me to put out on the show, send it to my e-mail and I will get it up on the show, for later comments and suggestions.
* Request for listener compositions to showcase

If you like the idea of getting your stuff heard for comments and appraisal please send it in to me along with some details on who you are, what your VSL forum name is and a little bit about the piece that you are submitting. I claim no copyright towards other peoples pieces, as I say this is a community show and is all about showcasing the music.
wedge Closing

* Play Piece "BK Nice Meeting" by Beat Kaufmann
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